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Home Sellers Protection Insurance

Essential cover in case the sale of your property falls through.

The process of selling a property, whether it’s your home or a buy-to-let, can be a painstaking, stressful and often an emotional experience. There are enough moving parts to worry about without the added concern of the sale of your property falling through. A property sale falling through not only effects logistics and time, but also your finances. We offer Home Sellers Protection Insurance to cover your up-front conveyancing costs should the property transaction fail, and your sale not go through successfully. The cover is designed to keep your finances secure, regardless of the outcome of the sale.

Anyone who is selling a property to a buyer is putting initial costs at risk should the sale of your property not go through successfully. These costs are made up primarily of conveyancing fees, that can roll into thousands of pounds that could be lost if the property sale falls through. Home Sellers Protection insurance, or House Sellers Insurance as it is often known as, is something that anyone selling their property should look to put in place.

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What Does Home Sellers Protection Insurance Cover?

The insurance covers valuable costs associated with the selling of your property in a wide range of scenarios that may cause the transaction of the property sale to fail. There are several eventualities that are covered, and certain events that are not covered under the policy terms, and we’d like to ensure that all the policy information is made clear and available to anyone looking at taking out the cover. Home Sellers Protection Cover insures you against the costs of solicitor’s fees and disbursements that would otherwise be unrecoverable in a wide range of events.

Many people looking to sell a property may be looking to sell flats or apartments as opposed to houses, and in these instances, we want to reassure home sellers that are selling a flat or apartment would not affect your ability to purchase the insurance. With this in mind, we also offer the insurance for those looking to sell buy-to-let properties.

What is insured?

Here’s a comprehensive list of what is insured in our Home Sellers Protection Insurance, as well as examples of ‘insured events’.

  • The policy covers the cost of conveyancing fees up to a value of £1,650. This level of cover is vital in ensuring that your significant upfront costs are covered.
  • The insurance will provide cover against the cost of the searches if the party who is buying the property has an adverse search that restricts or is seriously detrimental to the property sale going through.
  • The insurance will provide cover against the cost of the searches if the party who is buying the property has an adverse search that restricts or is seriously detrimental to the property sale going through.
  • The costs of any defects or irregularities to the structure of the property you are selling where rectification work is valued at over 10% of the offer you have accepted from the homebuyer.
  • You are also covered if the homebuyer dies, and any surviving partners are thus unable or unwilling to proceed with the purchase.
  • You are even covered if the individual buying your property can no longer proceed with the purchase due to a notice of redundancy.
  • If the person buying your home was doing so as part of a relocation process and their relocation was to fall through and thus your transaction fails, you would still be covered.

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Home Sellers Protection Insurance for just £69

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Home Sellers Protection Insurance – FAQs


You can purchase home sellers’ protection insurance easily via our online shop for just £69, providing you with full cover protection costs associated with selling your home.

You can purchase home sellers’ protection insurance prior to, or within 7 days of accepting an offer for your property from the homebuyer.

Rhino Home Protect home sellers’ protection insurance covers up to £1,650 worth of costs. Note that this also includes VAT.

Unfortunately, not. If the surveys have already been carried out, then you would not be eligible for cover. The reason here is because if a survey has already been carried out, issues that could affect the outcome of the sale may have already arisen.

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