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Home Buyers Protection Insurance

Essential cover in case your property purchase falls through.

House purchases falling through is more common than most may think. Home Buyers Protection Insurance covers the up-front costs associated with buying a house, from the cost of your solicitor to mortgage arrangement fees. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned landlord, purchasing a property or buying a new home can be daunting. There are many immediate costs involved in purchasing a property, as well as unforeseen stresses and potential pitfalls that all home buyers face. Unfortunately, many people see these costs as 'par for the course' when buying a property, but this should certainly not be the case.

Anyone who buys a property is putting their own money at risk should the unfortunate happen and the purchase falls through, meaning that approx. 30% of people buying a property lose anything they've paid in advance on the transaction. Homebuyers can incur costs such as conveyancing, solicitors, survey, and valuation fees early in the purchase process, making it vital to ensure that your money is protected.

The average cost of your property purchase falling through is over £2,500 to each homebuyer, making the risk of financial loss a genuine concept. Understanding the risks involved is one thing, but taking the necessary precautions to safeguard your investment is another. That's where Rhino Home Protect comes in!

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The average cost to a home buyer of a property purchase falling through is over £2,500

We at Rhino Home Protect have been protecting homebuyers like you for over a decade and offer an insurance policy to protect the cost of your property purchase. Home Buyers Protection Insurance costs just £74 and covers your costs when buying a property. The insurance covers almost all eventualities attributed to buying your home and is excess-free if a claim is made.


Unfortunately, so many things can go wrong when buying a home or purchasing a new property for your portfolio.


Whether you fall victim to gazumping or the seller pulls out of the sale, having insurance to cover these outcomes can be highly beneficial, especially considering all the costs you'll have to come!

What Is Home Buyers Protection Insurance?

Home Buyers Protection Insurance is a policy that provides coverage for specific risks buyers often face. It offers an added layer of security, ensuring that you are financially protected if certain unforeseen events occur that may hinder or prevent the successful completion of your home purchase. It is designed to protect your investment and reimburse expenses incurred during home-buying.

Homeowners Insurance vs Home Buyers' Protection Insurance

It's important to understand the distinction between Homeowners Insurance and Home Buyers' Protection Insurance. 

While Homeowners Insurance provides coverage for your property and possessions after the purchase, Home Buyers' Protection Insurance focuses explicitly on protecting homebuyers during the process leading up to the purchase. It provides coverage for risks unique to the home-buying journey, complementing the protection offered by Homeowners Insurance.

Key Benefits of Home Buyers Protection Insurance

Home Buyers Protection Insurance offers numerous advantages that can give you peace of mind and confidence throughout the home-buying process. Some key benefits include:

  • Financial Security:

Home Buyers Protection Insurance offers financial protection, reimbursing you for certain expenses in case of a failed purchase or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Coverage Tailored to Your Needs:

Every homebuyer's situation is unique. Our Home Buyers Protection Insurance can be customised to meet your specific requirements and provide the appropriate level of coverage.

Essential Property Protection


To be bought prior to, or within 14 days of notifying your solicitor / mortgage lender of your purchase.

  • Conveyancing Fees up to £750
  • Survey/Valuation Fees up to £500
  • £250 Mortgage Lender Fees
  • 120 days cover
  • Gazumping protection (if the offer accepted is at least £1000 higher than yours)
  • No excess
  • VAT Included in all fees covered
Premium Property Protection


To be bought prior to, or within 14 days of notifying your solicitor / mortgage lender of your purchase.

  • £1,500 Conveyancing Fees
  • £750 Surveys & Valuations Fees
  • £250 Mortgage Lender Fees
  • 180 days cover
  • £300 Accommodation & Storage
  • £200 Mortgage Broker Fees
  • Gazumping protection (if the offer accepted is at least £1000 higher than yours)
  • No excess
  • VAT Included in all fees covered
home buyers protection insurance

30% of house purchases end up falling through

Excess Free

Home Buyers Protection Insurance for just £74

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home buyers protection insurance

Who is Home Buyers Protection Insurance For?

We offer home buyers protection insurance to anyone purchase a property in the UK.

The policy is perfect for first-time buyers looking at purchasing their first home as it provides peace of mind as a safeguard that all upfront fees are covered. Buying your first home can be overwhelming, with information and figures boggling the minds of even the most researched of soon-to-be homeowners.

With all this confusion and trepidation, you shouldn't also have to worry about your finances. Buying your first home is a big financial commitment, so the possibility of losing your up-front costs due to the purchase process failing should not be something else to worry about. We offer home buyers protection insurance for first-time buyers at cheap and cheerful rates, making buying your first home easier.

Whether you are buying your dream home or a buy-to-let property for a growing portfolio, our home buyer's protection insurance provides valuable cover for landlords. The risk of purchasing a property as a soon-to-be rental or a second home is identical; therefore, our protection insurance provides the same coverage for landlords as your standard homeowner. We want to offer the same securities to landlords as first-time buyers, and our home buyers protection insurance does just that. For a successful landlord, maintaining your property business' bottom line is paramount in running a successful business, and losing valuable finances due to your property purchase falling through is not a scenario you will want to be faced with. Taking our Rhino Home Protect Homebuyers' Protection Insurance ensures your business’ finances are kept safe, regardless of the risk.

For a property developer, buying and selling houses is a serious business. Keeping costs low and maintaining a high turnaround of properties is the key to running a successful property development business, making the need for insurance in the event of financial loss very high. The risk vs the reward of not having insurance in place to protect the cost of buying a property is very apparent, and that's why more and more property developers are purchasing home buyers protection insurance when buying and selling their properties. The risks associated with buying a house are identical to whatever type of home buyer you are. Because of this, our insurance policy is a one size fits all policy, appealing to all kinds of property investors.

In What Events Will Home Buyers Protection Insurance Pay Out?

It's all right for us telling you why home buyers protection insurance benefits you and your house purchase, but the major question to ask when considering your insurance options is, ‘When will the policy actually pay out?' We hear you and want to make your decision on purchasing home buyers protection cover as simple as possible. We've listed all the eventualities that may, unfortunately, occur, resulting in your home buyer's protection insurance paying out.

Home Buyers Protection Insurance – FAQs

Although Home Buyers Protection Insurance is not a legal requirement when purchasing a property, it is a highly beneficial cover to have in place to keep your purchase costs safe. Having Home Buyers Protection Insurance in place is common amongst UK homebuyers, so don’t be part of the statistic that loses out!

The only reason anyone would take out Home Buyers Protection Insurance is if they are purchasing a property in the UK. No matter what the nature of your property purchase is, your up-front costs are at risk in case the purchase of the property falls through. It is a very common and very popular insurance policy for homebuyers.

The average cost of a house falling through is over £2,500 to the homebuyer, and with approx. 30% of all house purchases falling through, the risk of leaving your finances vulnerable simply is not worth it. To avoid your finances being lost needlessly, get Home Buyers Protection Insurance today.

That’s the easy part! Our quick and simple online quote engine is designed with you, the homebuyer, in mind. Simply choose the level of cover you want and within a few clicks you will be covered. It couldn’t get any simpler than that (trust us, we’ve tried)!

Once you purchase the cover via our easy-to-use online quote engine you will receive all your policy documents instantly via email. You also have access to an online portal here at Rhino Home Protect where all your policy documents will be hosted. Simple!

Our standard level of cover is 120 days, meaning that if you purchase the insurance, you will have 120 days cover from your policy start date to your policy end date. You can purchase cover for up to 180 however, if you felt you needed a little longer to get things over the line.

No, our insurance policies only cover property transactions here in the UK.

Unfortunately, not, once your surveys have been carried out you are ineligible for the cover. The reason for this is in case people try to take out insurance after they’re notified of something that may one day go wrong and effect the house purchase going through.

How about right now? In all seriousness anyone can take out the cover prior to, or within 14 days (or on the week of) notifying your solicitor / mortgage lender that you would like to purchase a property.

No, buying a property at auction creates unique risks that are not covered by the Home Buyers Protection Insurance.

Yes, we treat the new mortgage application on the property as a completely new set of events, so you can purchase the insurance again when you reapply for the mortgage. In this case the 14 day policy purchase window will start from the date that this happens.

Coverage Offered by Home Buyers Protection Insurance

Home Buyers Protection Insurance offers a range of coverage options to safeguard your investment:

  • Failed Property Transaction:
    If your purchase falls through due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the seller withdrawing from the sale or the property being taken off the market, Home Buyers Protection Insurance can cover your legal and survey fees, as well as other associated costs.
  • Gazumping or Gazundering:
    In the unfortunate event of being gazumped (when another buyer offers a higher price) or gazundered (when the seller demands a lower price at the last minute), Home Buyers Protection Insurance can provide financial compensation for any losses incurred.
  • Chain Break:
    If a break in the property chain occurs, disrupting your purchase, Home Buyers Protection Insurance can cover expenses such as survey costs, legal fees, and other out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Costs Incurred from Adverse Legal Searches:

If adverse results are found during legal searches and lead to additional costs, Rhino Home Protect's insurance will cover those expenses.

  • Valuation Shortfall:
    If the lender's valuation is less than 90% of the amount you have offered, our insurance offers coverage to protect you from the potential financial impact.
  • Structural Defects and Revised Valuation:

Should structural defects be discovered, resulting in a revised valuation that is at least 10% below the price you offered, Rhino Home Protect's insurance will cover your costs.

  • Diagnosis of Terminal Illness:

Our insurance covers your costs if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and cannot proceed with the home purchase.

  • Redundancy Notice:

If you receive notice of redundancy and cannot proceed with the purchase, Rhino Home Protect's insurance offers coverage for your costs.

  • Property Damage:
    If damage occurs to the property and the cost of repairs exceeds 10% of the property's value, our insurance will cover the necessary expenses.


Restrictions to Cover:

Understanding the limitations and restrictions of Home Buyers' Protection Insurance coverage is essential. These may include:

  • Pre-Existing Conditions:
    Coverage typically applies to unforeseen events after the policy is in effect. Pre-existing conditions or known issues may not be covered.
  • Time Constraints:

Certain coverage benefits may have time constraints or specific conditions that must be met for the coverage to apply. It is important to review the policy details carefully.

Common Reasons for a Purchase Falling Through

Understanding why a property purchase may fall through is crucial. While predicting every situation is impossible, some of the most common reasons are:

  • Mortgage Denial:

If the lender denies your mortgage application, Home Buyers Protection Insurance can help cover the costs associated with this setback.

  • Structural Issues:

In the event of significant structural issues discovered during the survey or home inspection process, Home Buyers Protection Insurance can provide financial protection and support for necessary repairs or reassessment of the purchase decision.

Circumstances When Home Buyers Protection Insurance Cover Would Apply:

Home Buyers Protection Insurance cover may apply in various situations, including

  • Seller Withdrawal:

If the seller unexpectedly withdraws from the sale, Home Buyers Protection Insurance can cover costs associated with legal fees, surveys, and other relevant expenses.

  • Property Taken Off the Market:

Home Buyers Protection Insurance can reimburse incurred costs if the property is taken off the market before the purchase is finalised.

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